It all started with a point and shoot camera, some Barbie's & Bratz Dolls and a the passion for fashion ;)

As a kid, I would spend hours in the garden posing my dolls and taking photos of them. My mum would print and frame the photos and tell me stories about each girl. Each story always ended with my mum telling me about how strong that doll felt after learning how amazing she was.

How it all BEGAN!

It all began with Bratz, Barbie and a point and shoot camera.

In my younger years my mother always struggled to keep me entertained. However on the days she would let me take the family camera and go take photos I was a busy bee for hours. I would play in the garden, setting up my dolls in poses and putting on a fashion show. the photo above was taken over 20 years ago! Yep I have had a camera in my hands since I was 8 years old!

What came 


Fast forward to year 6 in primary school. We had a photographer come and teach our class the art. It was at that point I knew that this was what I wanted to do when I grew up.

But Why


Growing up my mum was suffering from body image issues and every morning before school I would catch her crying at her reflection. It was in my later teens that I knew had to help her somehow

the jouney

To Today

After helping my mother see how powerful she is I set out on a mission to help other women feel the same way. It has now been 15 years helping 1000's of women learn self love, through the art of photography 

what I


I truely believe Boudoir is a form of therapy. It has not only helped 1000's of women learn to love themselves again, it has also helped them gain back their sexual desires and has changed their entire lives.

Things I love


My Hubby

Ice Coffee

Behind every strong woman

Is a story

That gave her no other choice