Frequently Asked Questions

This is a SUPER common question, so don’t feel alone if you’re not sure what to wear for your photoshoot! My short answer is that your outfits should reflect who you are and what you love about yourself. If you’d like a long answer… I actually made an entire guide about boudoir wardrobe (where I cover my most common outfit questions, my favourite lingerie and non-lingerie recommendations for your session, what bra/underwear styles photograph best, and even my favorite places to shop). Click here to see my downloadable Boudoir Wardrobe Guide! 

If that’s the case, you’re in the same place as 90% of my clients! And honestly, I’m right there with you. I’m super nervous in front of the camera myself, even though I’m a photographer! Because it’s so normal to feel anxious before a boudoir session, I’ve intentionally structured every minute of my boudoir sessions around helping my clients feel cozy, comfortable, and celebrated. Come on into the studio, nerves and all -- I’ve got your back, friend. <3  

I’ve been doing photography professionally since 2010, when photography was my casual job during high school. I went full-time as a wedding & family photographer in 2015, and I photographed my first boudoir session in February 2016. Now boudoir is the bread and butter of my business, and I love every minute: this is truly my dream job.

As we’re planning their session, I talk with all of my clients about how much skin they’re comfortable showing in their portraits. I think it’s helpful to imagine a spectrum with many options - and each client gets to choose where their comfort zone is on that spectrum! 

At one end, I have some clients who come in and wear “everyday” amounts of clothing (think jeans and a t-shirt, or a cocktail dress). A lot of babes are in the middle, wearing lingerie or bra / underwear sets. 

Most of my clients like to include an “implied nude/topless” look, where they’re not wearing much, but are covering their breasts/butt with a sheet or with arms - for example, holding a blanket up in front of themselves, but with an open back. >> Click to see some examples of this.

At the other end of the spectrum, the most skin women show at my studio is what I call a “fine art nude” look - for those who are comfortable with their nipples or their butt being visible in pictures. Want to see what these look like? Take a look at this blog post where I show examples for each of these levels on the spectrum!

All of my booking options have the same epic Boudoir photoshoot experience, which includes planning/wardrobe guidance before your session day, an incredible hour photoshoot (time for 3-4 looks/outfits), and seeing your images the same day at your portrait reveal. You’ll place your order for your final portraits/art collection at your portrait reveal appointment - if a Boudie Bank Pre Session Payment Plan has not been arranged.

Our packages range from  $1695 to $8000, with most clients ultimately spending between 4000 - 6500 in total between their Booking Fee and final portraits/art collection. You can see my full price list by clicking here to download , or email me at for a copy!)

Not without your permission! Your pictures can be as public or as private as you’d like them to be. If you’ve seen any pictures of past clients on my website, social media, or example products I use in the studio, it’s because those people have given me their permission to share them .

I believe that consent and privacy are super important in all photography genres but especially with something as intimate and personal as boudoir. If you’d like to learn more about this, here’s a link to a blog post on privacy and your boudoir portraits. 

We are located in the beautiful estate of Mickleham, Victoria Melbourne. We do service all of Melbourne and many of our clients travel from interstate to work with us,

Your safety and health is super important to me! I’m fully vaccinated and boosted, wear a mask during photoshoots and meetings, and monitor my own symptoms and will reschedule if I’m sick or have a covid exposure. I ask that my clients follow these same guidelines as well! 

After your session, I will go through all of the pictures we took during your photoshoot, choose the final photos, and display them on our gorgeous studio theater TV. I never want to show you a bunch of pictures in a row that look the same, so I’m getting it down to only the BEST, most amazing pictures! You’ll see approximately 150 portraits at your Reveal. 

The SAME DAY as your photoshoot! We’ll do you photoshoot, take a short break and then you’ll view them that afternoon for your portrait reveal appointment. 


Please email me your question - I'm more than happy to help you.


Thank you.  I will email you with an answer asap.